About Us

About Kreol Boats What We Do + The Future

Kreol Boats, the first locally owed Boat Broker Charter business to become your personalized Online and Boat Concierge in Seychelles. Not only do we take care about your reservation, but we are at your service from beginning to the end of your charter. With extensive hospitality background we apply the same care and attention to our customers to obtain the best outcome, customer satisfaction and exceeding their expectation. Yes, it is not possible to have the perfect service all the time and yes, there will be certain things that will be mentioned but that’s what will make us better.

Start-up from scratch

Kreol Boats started up derived from not only being a boat owner but we listening to other boat owners and foreign boat owner’s current situations & frustrations. Certain frustrations may derive from either not receiving a lot of business and having difficulty to communicate with clients effectively and professionally through one voice, and that’s us. No middleman or several individuals to deal with whilst creating your tailormade charter or any of the charters we have available online, but we are 1 person taking care of it all from beginning to end which eliminates certain confusions, miss-communication and services not being delivered. We are there to make sure that we offer you our services as if you would check into a Hotel basically. We take care of you from the day of reservation and not only until you step onto the boat, but we are with you all the way until the charter is complete, we’re always at your service.

How we select our fleet / boats

Kreol Boats established the fleet by visiting each boat and hand select the boats we know can offer great and reliable services. The boats are inspected and categorized and more importantly made sure that all the boats have their own Insurance Coverages for both the boat and client and licensed to be operated in the Seychelles.

What sets us apart from the rest?

We are locally based and that alone allows you to be in contact with us 24/7. No international numbers to contact we are simply available during any time of the day. This allows us to be very creative and offer services like none other. Soon some our services will be extremely beneficial to overnight charters where we will offer:

  • Meet and Greet at airport.
  • Ground handling and Transfers directly to boat.
  • Bareboat Charters, we inspect the boat with client + video and photo documentation of all current damages to vessels securing the client the eased of mind that the documentation of the vessel is accurate, and these inspections are done with the client and client signs off the inspection whereby it will be shared to his / her email address immediately for their references. Our guests are secured.
  • Food & Beverage shopping before yacht departure allowing clients to spend more time on boat than having to book a taxi and find all the food & beverage they would require. Why, because not all shops stock everything you might need. Thus, means we save you time while you can enjoy more time on the boat.
  • We have a very lenient cancellation policy.
  • We act as your ground handler /concierge and we can organize all your needs before a charter.
  • We are transparent and have access to all our boats on a daily basis. Our fleet and boat pictures are nothing more than 6 months old. We take pictures of boats every 6 months showcasing you the boat as it is.

How it works

The principle is simple: Kreol Boats is the agent where to client can book everything and anything he desires for his / her charter prior to arrival. This allows client to plan hassle free while still looking forward to a wonderful holiday on the water in the beautiful Seychelles. Short and simple, bookings made easy.


With Kreol Boats, every boat is insured by its owner for chartering.

Long Terms Goals & Future Development

Kreol Boats have established a few medium- and long-term goals in order to make sailing & bareboat charters a little bit more stress free in our Seychelles waters and to be safe at all times. As follows:

Nature Conservation & Moorings (Reduce Anchoring) – Coming Soon

Moorings for overnight charters & Bareboat charters is a large concern for clients and skippers alike as they do not know of have any knowledge of the quality and strength of the mooring in our Seychelles Waters. Kreol Boats goal will be to have multiple if not 100’s of extremely strong moorings in all overnight & popular mooring locations all over the Seychelles. A lot will ask why this is so important, well the answer is simple and that is to reduce the damage of our corals and ocean beds. Think for 1 or 2 moments, if there are 50 yachts on charter in the Seychelles and each yacht deploys its anchor only 2 times a day, that could possibly mean 100 to more corals and eco-systems being destroyed for decades if not centuries. As per plan, Kreol Boats will have a structure in place to maintain moorings in such a way that we would be able to accommodate mostly all size yachts in the future. Not only does this give the skipper or client the possibility to explore the coral reefs just in the future but to. Also have peace of mind and stress-free night rest while being securely tied to a mooring knowing that it will not break. Help us contribute to nature and conservation helping our coral reefs to survive for many more years to come and above all, to preserve Seychelles beauty for all our future clients to enjoy.

On the water Concierge Services – Coming Soon

There is nothing more frustrating than having to:

  • Refuel
  • Restocking of food & beverage whilst on the charter and out at sea
  • Discharge waste (Solid & Drainage)
  • Refill of fresh water

Why are these all frustrations, well the answer is simple. Coming back to port just to do any of the above mentioned actually costs the clients’ money & time away from exploring the Seychelles Archipelago. It does not necessary save clients’ money but it refrains clients going out of their way on long distances and most of the time out of course to get all these done + completed.

Make contact with Kreol Boats and schedule as per our routes and selected stops where we can meet you to offer you all the above-mentioned service at a once off costs and optional extras such as fresh water, waste discharge, extra food & beverages as per clients request and fuel. We help you to spend more time on the water instead of having go to port / marina to do all the above.

Looking for great deals?

If you have open questions regarding any boat types or yacht charters don’t hesitate to fill out the form and our experts will get back to you immediately with the most competitive quote.