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Frequently Asked Questions

As foreigners / clients to the Seychelles we urge all of our clients to follow the correct and lawful approach. Reason being is that we have seen what has happened in the past by being fed with misguided information on licenses and terms that the client ends up paying more in the end with fines. Therefore we only take the approach and options made available by the Seychelles Government in order for foreigners to own boats in the Seychelles.

The answer is yes you can, as per above only the correct and lawful manner is accepted by Kreol Boats and Kreol Boats acts as the intermediate and offers clients boats on our platform and in order to make his / her boat part of a charter business.


  • (Seychelles News Agency) – Foreigners in Seychelles can hold shares in a yachting company or own a yacht depending on how large the fleet is and the length of the boat in line with a revised policy, said a top government official.
  • “If a yacht charter company only has one to three yachts in its fleet, the company must be Seychellois-owned in its totality and foreigners are restricted from participating,” the Principal Secretary for Tourism, Anne Lafortune, told reporters last week.
  • She said that if there is a fleet of four to five yachts in the company, then the Seychellois shareholder can hold the majority, at least 51 percent shares, and the other 49 percent can be offered to foreign partners.
    The policy also makes provision for a yacht charter company to be 100 percent foreign-owned if the fleet exceeds six yachts. However, as there is increasing demand for superyachts, Lafortune said a foreigner can be the sole owner of a yacht charter company with only one vessel which is more than 24 meters and costs at least $2 million.
  • The policy sets out the regulations pertaining to business structures within the industry. It also defines three types of yacht charter services available in the island nation: bareboat charters, skippered charters and crewed charters.
  • Bareboat charters are the hiring of a boat of which no crew or provisions are included as part of the agreement; the people who rent the vessel are responsible for taking care of such things. A skippered charter is a boat rented with a professional crew consisting of a skipper/captain who is responsible for the maneuvering of the yacht. Crewed Charters include the captain and crew to operate the boat and provision for meals and cleaning.

Eden Island provides secure, well maintained and reliable boat mooring in the Eden Island Marina. Rates and conditions apply.

First and foremost, all import duties and taxes need to be paid in full before we can start any registering onto your name and or placing it under any charter business.