Seychelles is an island located on the eastern coast of Africa; it is known for tourist attractions. The beaches, nature, the wildlife, and others are all the attractions you should expect. Are you looking to take a social distant break or adventure with your family or friends, or you want to do this alone? Seychelles is just the right place for you; vacation will look like it because you are about to find out about Seychelles’ paradise.

Seychelles’ peculiarity, such as their islands close to 115 of them, has made it one of the most beautiful places on the planet. This is one reason why boat chartering started early enough. Many discoveries will be made on these islands during your adventure on a boat.

Boat Charter 

There are various kinds of boats and yachts. There are also different kinds of charters; charter cost ranges from £400 to as high as £1200 per day based on your yacht or catamaran choice. 

Some of the choice of charter you can make will be expounded below;

  • Charter with a skipper: This might probably be the best kind of charter to make; you won’t have to worry about the places to visit or the boat. This is a perfect vacation for anyone looking to sail the seas without doing much.  The skipper is totally in charge of the catamaran. Their local experience will help you decide the best places to go through. You have to keep looking and probably dive into the water to enjoy the quiet, cool water and also a feel of the big whales. 
  • Bareboat Charters: This is a personal adventure charter; you are your own captain, you get to visit all your dream places on your own. But to get a bareboat charter requires being licensed. Your history will be needed, and places you have sailed to in the past, as a guarantee that you can take care of yourself and also the boat. So, if you are in for a personal adventure, charter a Bareboat. 
  • Crewed Charter: Do you want to be treated like a king or queen and want to enjoy the luxury of a yacht? The Crewed Charter is for you. With a crewed yacht charter, you’ll be allocated crew members like Chef, skipper, and other crews that will be available at your beck and call throughout your sailing period. But be sure you’ll spend your money where your desire is. 
  • Aqua Lodge Villas: You probably don’t have sailing experience, but you need a water vacation; Aqua Lodge is your best choice. This is a floating villa designed to give you the clearest view of the ocean and wildlife. The sound, calm, and water movement are yours during your charter. You wouldn’t have to worry about licensing or sailing at any point; just enjoy the vacation. 

There are various yachts or boats available for charter in Seychelles, and you should make your selection based on your need, the number of people going, and the weather/climate at that period usually based on statistics. Some of them are;

  • Motor Yacht
  • Reef Safari Boat 
  • Tour Boat
  • Catamaran of various types
  • Sail Boat