Chartering a yacht in Seychelles is a normal occurrence because of its attractions and peculiarity. Many who wish to take a vacation want to do it in Seychelles the most times on the boat/yacht to visit several islands by passing through the waters and also have fun on the way. 

There are do’s and don’ts that must be considered for safety purposes and ease in touring Seychelles’ island in chartering a boat. A few of them will be discussed below;


Be sure of the weather forecast: 

Although Seychelles is not known for stormy breeze and threatening atmosphere, it is still important to check for the wave, and water movement, including possible weather change, to ascertain the yacht/boat is safe for chartering.

Checking possible weather outcomes will also help in your choice of clothing. You don’t want to be stranded on the boat when the weather becomes harsh. So, go with your comfortable wind jacket, sunscreen, and the likes to make your trip comfortable across the islands.

It is also essential to plan appropriately before setting out, know your destination well and the time frame for your cruising.

Safety first: 

Safety should be the first thing in your mind. Before setting out, read and become familiar with the boat’s safety tips and journeying. Get yourself a safety gear on board and ensure that communication has been established with others that won’t be on board.

Be sure of the state of the yacht 100% before chartering it; there is no need to take a 1% risk of the yacht having a small technical issue whatsoever. If you have health issues or allergies, don’t leave without taking your medications along.

Feel at home: 

On your cruise along the islands of Seychelles, feel at home completely and treat the yacht as though you own it; of course, you do own it for the period you’re in use of it. Avoid spilling food particles around, and try not to step on cushions or other things other than the floor.

Take all the time to relax and clear your head, help clean up the possible mess caused by the yacht’s former user, and make sure you interact with crew members if you have some on board. Most importantly, use the water properly and avoid wastage; you wouldn’t want to run out of fresh water on the sea.


Don’t over pack: 

Only the needed and necessary clothes should be packed on board; some of these yachts have limited spaces and should be managed. Avoid oversized luggage; avoid carrying expensive materials or gadgets on board; they are safer at home.

Don’t travel far:

There are several islands in Seychelles, so take your journey one step at a time; you cannot possibly cover all at once. Stay in alignment with the travel time and places for proper monitoring; at least your adventure can be properly tracked if the need arises. 

Finally, chartering a yacht on an island like Seychelles is fun that could even be distracting if care is not taken. The tourist attractions are explosive, which is why it is being referred to as ‘The Garden of Eden’, so make sure that you don’t forget to enjoy yourself.