Seychelles is considered one of the world’s smallest countries with remote islands. It is also known for its beautiful beaches and tourist attractions. Seychelles and fishing is nothing strange to the indigenes. Fish is the most significant protein source in Seychelles today and the most significant export trading source in their economic sector.

Are you looking to go on a fishing spree? The best place to visit is Seychelles, and you will be glad you did. There are various fish species around in Seychelles’ water; some of the common fishes within the region are; Dorado, Tuna, Parrotfish, Jobfish, bonefish, milkfish, Grouper others. It’s an all-year-round activity with no restrictions and no seasons when it comes to recreational fishing/game fishing. Seychelles is filled with islands of different kinds; some of the islands most suitable for fishing are:

  • Astove Atoll
  • Desroches Islands
  • Denis
  • Cosmoledo
  • Islands of Mahe

These islands provide various species of fish making fishing worth the adventure. And if you want to experience fly fishing and deep water fishing in Seychelles, try the outer islands where you can find the unusual species of fishes like mighty marlin and dogtooth.


Fishing is almost without restriction in this region except for few rules to help preserve certain species and natural reserves. This region seems to have built a deliberate structure that allows for all kinds of fishing throughout the year, especially recreational fishing.

Although there is seasonal fishing for specific fishing activities like fly fishing and bottom fishing, the wind and wave direction also determines your fishing choice. While recreational fishing doesn’t need a license, there are few guidelines that professional fishers get to follow. One of them is the restriction of catching certain species of fish. Conservational fishing is well practiced within this region, known as catch and release, to protect sharks and whales.

Traveling down to Seychelles for fishing purposes will not take you much stress. You can route your journey from Dubai or some cities in the United States like New York, Dallas, and Washington. Your fishing expectation cannot be too much for a place like Seychelles. You will meet beyond your wildest imaginations; it will be worth your time and adventure. Book your flight today for a memorable fishing experience; come see the all-time saltwater ever seen in the fishing adventure.

The popular kind of fishing that you can engage yourself in are;

  • Saltwater fly fishing and blue water fly fishing ideal for all level of fishing
  • Night fishing
  • Traditional bottom fishing
  • Big game fishing ideal for only experts.