Seychelles is an island with various attractions. It is considered an attractive tourist country because of several beaches in the Highlands scattered across the country. This island located on the East Coast of Africa is referred to as paradise because of its unbeatable sights of nature, wildlife, fishes, and hills, amongst many others.

Seychelles is said to have up to 115 islands scattered across. Because of this territory’s uniqueness, millions of people travel down every year to have a feel and spend their early days to relax and enjoy nature in its purest form. Because of the several options of beaches available to choose from, you will have to get to know some of the best beaches on the island so you can decide where to spend your leisure as an individual or collectively with families and friends. Some of the top beaches in Seychelles are;

1 – Anse Intendance

This happens to be one of the most well-known beaches in Mahe; it is located in the South of Mahé, The beauty of this beach is seen in the clean white sand. It is cool for the view but could be a little dangerous for swimming, especially towards May-September. The land view of the beach is classic and safe. The palm tree provides the shades; the clean, controlled forest serves as the backdrop.

Safety is guaranteed with the different patrol teams that monitored the beach daily. Enjoy the blue water and inhale the clean, fresh air of Intendance. This beach is for adventures and water sports like surfing and kite surfing, which is why it’s not perfect for swimming. But you have the background to take pictures anyway, just have fun.

2 – Anse Volbert

The beach is located on the North East coast of the island of Praslin, and it happens to be the most popular place on this island. Nearby stores and restaurants surround the island to help you keep busy and hydrated and the likes. The island of Volbert is full of beautiful sights that any curious traveler will love to feed on.

Volbert is a beach known for its superb sunset; it is a place you can truly relax as you stare all day long on the white sand and blue sea. Besides the view, the current is gentle, and the wave is light, so it is a safe beach to have a long swim and snorkel.

3 – Anse Lazio

Anse Lazio is located in Praslin, and it’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Seychelles. One prominent feature of Lazio is its long stretched white sand with the turquoise water safe to swim in. 

Because of the beach size, many can be accommodated on the beach all at once.

This beach located at the North-East end of the island is full of shades to help protect people from the sun. It is a little busier than other beaches in Seychelles, but this doesn’t take away the fun in any way.

4 – Petite Anse

This beach is located in the Southwest zone of Mahe and is probably the most recently discovered island in Seychelles. The beach was formerly a little difficult to assess because of the narrow path that helps lead there, but it is now comfortable and accessible.

5 – Anse Marron

It is the southernmost beach in La Digue. This beach is worth a visit because of its shallow protected pool, stunning granite scenery, and fascinating white sands.

These beaches are located in Seychelles’ three most visited islands; Mahé, La Digue, and Praslin.