One of the eco-friendliest places on the planet, Cousin Island is a must-see for any Seychelles visitor. Located just one mile off of Praslin Island, this place has lush mangroves, dense forests, freshwater swamps, a rocky coastline, and beautiful sandy beaches.

Cousin Island became the first “sea and island reserve” in the Indian Ocean after it was purchased and converted from a coconut plantation in the 1960s. Overseen by Nature Seychelles and protected by the local government, this nature reserve is heaven for animal lovers and eco-travelers.

When you are arriving, you won’t dock on the shores of Cousin Island. Since this place is an essential refuge for so many animals, the Nature Seychelles conservationists are very careful to keep the wildlife safe. This means that you’ll be ferried over to the island on a smaller boat to make sure that there aren’t any pests hopping off your boat with you.

Landing Fees

  • Adult: 25 euro