Private Charter

Each and every boat on our website is available is available for a private charter unless if stated otherwise. A private charter allows you the freedom to enjoy the boat privately and those around you traveling with you along with Skippered Crew. Our private charters can vary from island to island and where the boat is moored.

All of our boats online state whether if they are moored on Mahe, Praslin or La Digue, thus allowing you to choose the best boat for you and your budget from that specific island or base. Why is this important? If you
wish to charter a boat for Praslin Island you don’t necessarily want to book a boat from Mahe Island unless if you are happy to pay for the displacement fees. Therefor and unless if you are chartering a large Yachts or VIP vessel then you pay the price for the boat anyways, but please feel free to contact us and let us be your local guide to create the perfect charter for you.

Should you wish to visit several islands in one day this can also be arranged with a well-planned program. We. Have over the years established some of the greatest routes and the best value for your budget already figured out, hence the reason we are here to assist and help you to get the most out of your trip. Want to book a private charter? Click here to see out fleet and or select a boat and email us.

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