Yacht & Boat Management

Kreol Boats will be making its services available to all boat / yacht owners in the Seychelles which is not living in the Seychelles permanently. Our clients will have the opportunity to use our services to look after their boats / yachts whilst they are in their home countries. Guests can have the peace of mind that their boats / yachts are maintained throughout the year and that all is ready, and systems go when our clients arrive. Nothing more frustrating than visiting the Seychelles after a whole year of hard work and then once you arrive you need to spend time getting the boat in order and in working conditions while it could have been time being on the water already.

Our services and offer include:
  • Daily & Weekly checkups
  • Motor servicing and running to keep the motor in working order in its mooring
  • Cleaning (Interior)
  • Cleaning (Hull)
  • Ventilation with fresh air to prevent mold (Ozone)
  • Licenses
  • Insurances
  • And overall maintenance and safe keeping of owner’s yachts as if it was our own
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Our rates depend on several points as per below:
  • Boat / Yacht Size
  • Boat type
    -Sailing Catamaran /  Monohull
    -Sport Fisher
  • Motors
    -Inboard / Outboard
  • Mooring location
  • Charter or Private allocation